3 Things Your Hardwood Floor Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Dear Family,

It’s me, your hardwood floor. I know I don’t say much (I usually let you walk all over me), but it’s time we had a talk. For the most part we get along great. I get polished and swept often enough, and I enjoy being a part of the family. I have just a few pet peeves – these 3 things you should stop doing to your hardwood floor:


When moving furniture do not drag, push, or shove anything across your unprotected hardwood floor. Doing so can leave scratches in the wood that will be hard on your eyes, and on your wallet. When moving furniture, either lift the furniture and carry it across or place it upon a soft surface, such as a blanket or felt padding.


If your pet makes a mess on your hardwood floor, clean it up as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. Hardwood floors are treated to protect against moisture, but standing pet messes will lead to staining and warping of your floors. Check out our 5 tips for avoiding pet damage for more!


Not every mess can be blamed on the pets (nice try). If you spill food or liquid on your floor you’ll want to clean it up as soon as possible to preserve the beauty of your hardwood. Hardwood floors, even though specially treated to handle life’s challenges, will warp and stain if messes are left standing.

With the right amount of attention and a little care, your hardwood floor will remain dazzling for years to come. For repairs to your existing floors, or if you’re thinking about having hardwood flooring installed, contact International Flooring, Houston’s local source for hardwood flooring, today!