Houston, Texas: How To Choose The Correct Hardwood For Countertops

Choosing the Correct Wood for Countertops Houston, Texas

Wood countertops are features in Houston homes that never go out of style. Whether you’re going for unique or antique, nothing says distinguished, sturdy, and eco-friendly like natural, custom hardwood countertops.

Whenever you’re undecided about what type of hardwood to choose for your natural wood countertop, butcher block countertop, and butcher block table, International Flooring Houston experts offer the 3 C’s method for choosing a hardwood type for your solid wood countertops, and butcher block tops: Color, Character, and Climate Conditions.

Determine Natural Wood Colors Preference

Before deciding anything else, determine your preferred solid wood countertop color of choice. There are many shades of hardwood countertop colors in both the dark and light categories.

  • Dark woods, like Walnut, Pecan, or Mesquite can add contrast and flair to your room
  • Light woods, like Hickory, Birch, and Maple can add a sense of balance to color schemes

Character of Wood Countertops

Wood character plays a big role in wood countertop selections. The grain, knot pattern, board width availability, and “sap” (the layer before the skin) makes a great difference in your overall satisfaction with a wood type selection.

What makes hardwood countertops from International Flooring Houston unique is that it is one of few the hardwood countertop and butcher block countertop companies in Houston that manufactures face grain countertops.

Challenges of Face Grain for Hardwood Countertops Include:

  • Few suppliers stock larger material
  • It requires more work to prevent twists and bends
  • More care is needed to handle “movement”, knots, and holes
  • You’re more involved with the process since greater interaction is required to guarantee the piece of your liking

Climate Considerations for Houston, Texas Hardwood Countertops

Lastly, where the natural wood for your countertops is from is important. International Flooring Houston uses local woods grown in our climate so that these woods are very stable through the life of the countertop. North American woods from Texas like Maple, Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, and Mesquite solid wood offers a range of sturdy materials and vibrant colors.

When picking out hardwood countertops, use the 3 C’s –color, character, and clime – and you are sure to find the wood countertops and butcher blocks for your Houston residence or commercial usage.

For more information on unique hardwood countertops, butcher blocks, and butcher block tables natural wood choices, color, and designs contact International Flooring Houston today.