How To Know If You Have A Moisture Problem

Do you know what you could be risking due to a moisture problem? Have you considered that you may be subjecting your family, staff, clients or customers to mold, pest infections or damage and weakening of the building structure of your home or office?

Just because you don’t see a problem doesn’t mean that one doesn’t exist. If you can’t see a problem, that is often the time when moisture-related repairs are less critical and less expensive.

There are ways to detect moisture that you can’t see. If you smell a musty odor, there could be moisture in crawl spaces, behind walls and other dark, cool places caused by a growth of bacteria and mold. If the moisture is not removed and your home or office is not repaired, the problem can cause respiratory problems for people and rotting of your structure.

Dark areas in the ceiling may be caused by roof damage. Dark areas in a wall may be caused by a faulty pipe.

A sudden increase in the presence of insects, bugs or rodents could be an indication that they are surviving from hidden moisture.

You can purchase a simple moisture meter. Some of them come with a LED display and a socket to attach a more advanced probe.

The best thing to do is to hire a water damage remediation company that will have the proper tools to measure and find the humidity and then repair the problems.