Regal Hardwoods Houston Distributor

American Backroads – Raw, weathered character, fascinating color variations, finished with Nature GARD, a protective hard wax oil finish. 3″ & 7″W (alternating widths); 1/2″ thickness; lengths up to 7’.

Regal Hardwoods Houston Distributor, not only delivers fashionable, durable engineered flooring, but affordable designs adding warmth and beauty to your home.

As a Regal Hardwood Houston distributor, International Flooring, offers unmatched quality American harvested hardwoods, making them environmentally responsible and compliant with the Lacey Act. Each collection boasts natural highlights, unique character, and colors.

International Flooring is pleased to be a Houston Regal hardwood distributor of these collections with their excellent finishes and regal character:

  • American Backroads
  • Final Touch
  • New England
  • Olde Time Luxe
  • On the 9ine

Final Touch – Elegantly wirebrushed, six modern colors with your choice of color tones and grain patterns protected with Titanium ScuffGARD, a urethane finish. 5″W; 3/8″ thickness; lengths up to 7’.

Regal Hardwood floors are protected by two finishes: Titanium ScuffGARD or Nature GARD.

Nature GARD, is a protective hard wax oil finish that brings out the natural highlights of the unique character found in Regal hardwoods.

Titanium ScuffGARD, a urethane finish that also comes in an UltraMatte, lower gloss, helps preserves the authentic handscraping and wirebrushing of each Regal hardwood.

Pick your favorite from Houston’s Regal Hardwood Distributor, International Flooring for beautiful timeworn character, coastal vibes, rugged frontier, traditional and modern fashion designs to luxurious, relaxing grains and color tones.

New England – Coastal distressed character in five neutral colors mimicking the coastal vibe. Finished with an UltraMatte Titanium ScuffGARD, with lower gloss. 7″ W; 3/8″ thickness; lengths up to 7’.

Olde Time Luxe – Timeless, exquisitely distressed unique knots, cracks, and timeworn character. Protected with Titanium ScuffGARD, a urethane finish. 3″ & 7″ Alternating Widths; 1/2″ thickness; lengths up to 7’.

On the 9ine – 9 fashion-forward colors and design styles, unique combination of traditional and modern with two finishes: Titanium ScuffGARD, or Nature GARD. 5″W; 3/8″ thickness: lengths up to 7’.

Call International Flooring for more information, as Houston’s Regal Hardwoods distributor, 832-282-3073.