What is Engineered hardwood?

What is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered Hardwood vs Hardwood

A big question we get from builders, homeowners, and designers in Houston is “what is engineered hardwood“. First of all, in the engineered hardwood vs. hardwood debate is that engineered hardwood is real wood just as is a solid “real” wood floor. With a solid wood floor, the same, solid piece of wood material runs through the entire product, whereas the engineered hardwood is multiple layers of real wood. Because of the multiple layers being glued together, it actually makes it a stronger, hardier product than solid hardwood.

Engineered Wood Flooring Best for Houston Humidity

Houston is unique as it has very high humidity and engineered floors make a great selection for high humidity areas. With a solid wood floor, when exposed to high humidity, it can cause dampness and moisture, and the solid wood is going to want to move, twist, and cup. This is a big problem in Houston and a lot of our clients are changing from solid wood to engineered floors. The multiple layers of an engineered hardwood create a locking where the wood layers don’t move. Engineered wood flooring is a lot more stable product for Houston.

Selecting the Best Engineered Wood Flooring in Houston

When selecting the best engineered wood flooring for your Houston project, you want to select an unfinished engineered wood. You want it custom finished on the job site.

International Flooring started over 15 years ago, beginning only with solid wood floors, but we have become big believers in engineered floors, especially for the Houston, Texas area. Engineered floors are not only beneficial for the builder but the client who wants their floors to perform for many, many years to come.

Before making your final conclusion on the engineered hardwood vs hardwood debate, discuss it with a professional that can thoroughly explain the difference and clear up misconceptions.


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