Wood Flooring Mistakes

Timber! Falling for These Wooden Flooring Mistakes – Houston

Here at International Flooring in Houston, we’ve seen a lot of issues that have occurred due to wood flooring installations that didn’t meet industry standards. Professional grade tools, quality flooring, and even the vegetation in Houston are factors we take into account when installing your floors.Unfortunately, many don’t realize that they’ve fallen victim to some of these errors in their wood flooring installations until after it’s too late. Here are four ways to tell if you too have done the same.

Slipping Up With Cupping

Flooring is supposed to be your footing foundation, but when you place a dry floorboard over a wet space, you will likely end up with a board that turns inward like a cup. This is called cupping and it is a sign of poor quality work. Every wood installer knows that humidity should always be factored in when installing wood floors. A contractor should use a moisture meter and understand how relative humidity influences into a professional flooring job. Being a Houston based company, International Flooring is already familiar with this humidity index, and know exactly what to so you won’t slip up with cupping.

Falling Over Because of Buckled Floors

In addition, if your flooring has been exposed to too much water, like Houston flooding, you may end up with buckled floors. Wood expands when exposed to water for too long. When the gaps between the flooring doesn’t allow enough room for expansion or if the boards aren’t secured correctly, the wood protrudes upward. In order to fix this problem, we first verify that the water problem is resolved. As long as you have one, your floors will continue to buckle with time. We also see if we can salvage your floorboards; although, in many cases, floorboards also must be replaced.

Losing Grip With a Peeling Floor

One of the most appealing aspects of a wooden floor is the way it looks after it is perfectly polished. Unfortunately, when not correctly handled, certain mishaps can cause you to endure a peeling floor. Using the wrong type of sandpaper, not allowing enough time for a floor to dry, and leaving residue on boards all cause finish to peel. You’ll then need to get the job redone or have your wood refinished. Here at Houston’s International Flooring, we are sure to sand, abrade, and coat your floors properly. This way, you can avoid all costs that occur from wood installs mistakes.

Stumbling Up Uneven Floors

When it comes to laying floorboards, you’ll want them to lay across your floor evenly – as a floor should be. When subfloors aren’t installed correctly or if flawed floor joists are used, walking around your home or business may become a minor uphill battle. Checking the ground for low and high spots, and installing floors based off that information, is all in a day’s work – one we’ve mastered for your benefit.

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