Don’t Get Railroaded

1. You do not have to go with the remediation company that your insurance chooses.

2. You can pick any remediation company you want and your insurance company has to accept it.

3. You do not have to go with the flooring company your remediation company picks for you.

4. You can pick any flooring company you want and your remediation company has to accept it.

Let me stop right here. Your Insurance company and the remediation company WILL try and talk you out of choosing for yourself. They have an interest in you going with who they choose for you. I won’t go much further than that but you get the idea.

5. Only use flooring and remediation companies who are based here in Houston.

Make sure they have a track record and physical address. Sadly, after a natural disaster, people will go and set up shop temporarily and provide poor service. These “hurricane hunters” won’t have much of a track record online or may just have a PO Box. Just be aware of this as you get your home repaired

There is so much more to know about insurance, remediation and repairs but this is the least you should know. You are in control, so don’t get railroaded.

We have been in the flooring business in Houston for 14 years and have primarily worked with contractors and builders but now we are working directly with home owners, too. By choosing us, there is no middle man. We don’t have a huge 20,000 square foot showroom that’s open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and with 10 employees on sales commission.

But we do have a small showroom and carry everything the huge chain stores have. And we can schedule an appointment for you. What does this all mean? 3 things:

1. We have very little overhead that we have to add into the cost.
2. We don’t have pushy salesmen
3. A 25-30% savings for you.

Or if you want to use all of your insurance money, you can spend that 25% savings and upgrade to an even better flooring choice. Call us today.