Three questions about flooring

Three questions about flooring

When you need a new flooring company, we know you’ll have questions as you search for the perfect materials. The good news is that we have the answers you need.

The more you know about what's available, the better shopping choices you can make. So, here are three critical questions you'll want to consider as you shop.

1. How long will my new floors last?
There are several options if you're looking for a long and profitable lifespan. Solid hardwood and natural stone offer products that can last more than 100 years with professional installation.

Tile floors offer lifespans of 50 years, while engineered wood flooring will serve you for 30 years. Next is luxury vinyl, which will give you up to 20 years with proper care.

2. What looks can I get in flooring?

    You’ll find extensive visual options in many products, including designs, colors, textures, and layouts. Of course, some looks will fit your requirements best, so always compare what's available with your list of needs.

    Luxury vinyl offers flooring that mimics natural wood and stone at a more affordable price. But it also provides a wealth of artistic effects.

    3. Which floors are most durable?
    When looking for the most durable flooring, shop for those with the most extended lifespans. These are often a key to excellent protection against wear and water damage.

    Luxury vinyl is a fantastic choice if you prefer excellent protection with a shorter lifespan. It's 100% waterproof and perfect for high-traffic homes with pets and children.

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