Why Choose A Custom Solid Wood Countertop For Your Houston Kitchen?

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Wood countertops are increasing in popularity as more Houston homeowners seek to trade the cold, impersonal feel of stainless steel for the warmth and beauty of a natural, organic surface. Whether you’re adding an island to your kitchen, butcher block table, or considering a complete kitchen remodel, custom wood countertops provide a beautiful and unique solution ensuring that no two kitchens are ever alike!

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Also referred to as butcher block countertops, solid wood countertops are durable, sanitary, and practical for any kitchen, of any size. Hardwood countertops are extremely resilient and can be restored if damaged or stained. For the lived-in kitchen, wood countertops offer more forgiveness for dropped dishes or glassware; they absorb the sounds of a busy household and are warmer to the touch than granite or stainless. If the occasion calls for entertaining, polished wood countertops offer style and elegance simply unmatched by stone or steel.

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The variety of different woods sourced for countertops, and the naturally occurring artistic patterns within them, create a lengthy list of fully-customizable combinations to choose from for your Houston residential or commercial needs. Your custom hardwood countertops can be further customized using different construction and finishing options. This unequaled level of creative control guarantees that your countertops will perfectly match your kitchen and your own personal style.

Wood is easier to procure, alter, and install than stone, leading to faster and (quite often) considerably less-expensive installation. Requiring some basic care to maintain, wood countertops are generally simple to care for and with moderate upkeep will maintain their luster for years to come.

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Butcher block countertops provide a unique and beautiful solution for your kitchen remodel or your kitchen island. The virtually limitless combinations of materials, designs, and styles put creative control of your kitchen countertops into your hands. See what wood countertops can do for your home; call us today for a free home visit, or come see us in our gallery showroom.