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Waterproof floor coverings are becoming the ever-increasing floor choice for many of today’s discerning homeowners. And why not? It’s not only a material that offers you complete protection against water damage of any kind, it also offers plenty of benefits that make it more than worth your while, and your budget.

Waterproof flooring does indeed cost a little more upfront. But when you think about how much you'd have to pay if your brand-new flooring was flooded and it wasn’t waterproof, it's quite a savings. When your investment means as much as your flooring, it’s sometimes worth it to spend a bit more for complete peace of mind.

Here’s why waterproof flooring is a great choice

Of course, waterproof flooring is 100% impervious against water damage, so it’s perfect for basements and other rooms that can be damp. Laundry rooms, kitchens, foyers, and bathrooms are all excellent spaces in which these floors can be installed. However, it makes just as much sense for all your other spaces as well.

Especially if you have pets or children in your home, you know how easy it is for "accidents" to happen in rooms where they aren't supposed to. The good news is, with these materials in place, you never have that worry resting on your shoulders. Instead, you can install these floors and forget about it.

With the availability of waterproof luxury vinyl, porcelain tile, and some natural stone varieties, you’ll never lack for the most gorgeous flooring available. In these lines alone, you’ll have all the color, texture, and pattern opportunities you could ever hope for in a floor covering.

What’s more, the experienced, professional installers at our waterproof flooring store will make quick work of your installation, no matter which material you choose. Stone and tile will take a bit longer, but they’re also worth every minute of the wait.

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