Colorquartz: Quality Quartz Stone Counters For Houston

Quartz Stone Countertops in Houston by International Flooring

International Flooring, is pleased to now offer Colorquartz stone countertops in the Houston area. Colorquartz, in manufacturing and producing their stone counter surfaces, is committed to sustainability and to providing an environmentally friendly countertop stone for use in Houston residential and commercial quartz stone counter projects.

With Colorquartz, International Flooring of Houston, can provide all your favorite quartz colors for your quartz countertop stone. Quartz is an excellent surface material for kitchen countertops, quartz bathrooms, quartz vanity tops, and many other surface usages.

With the innovative resources of the Colorquartz brand of quartz, you are assured of the highest quality of excellence in your choice of quartz slabs.

Selecting quartz as your stone countertop can save you cost over selecting a natural marble. Colorquartz, using the latest in advanced quartz technologies, has quartz colors and patterns that have quartz marble-like movements and textures throughout the quartz slab.

Quartz Stone Countertops for Your Houston Project: An Excellent Choice

Quartz is a strong, durable surface for a unique quartz bathroom, including quartz sinks and, because of its hardness and resistance, it makes an excellent choice for quartz kitchen countertops. Quartz, a mostly natural stone, is stain resistant, maintenance-free, and non-porous.

Large Choice of Quartz Countertop Stone Colors and Quartz Marble Like Styles

With many beautiful, versatile quartz colors available, Colorquartz colors are nature-inspired, bold, and warm, inviting quartz colors bringing life to any room.

Quartz Countertops Brands: Colorquartz Countertops is a Brand Houston Can Trust

  • Countertops of quartz by Colorquartz, are rock-solid, strong, durable, and have a high endurance to protect the beauty of your kitchen, bathroom, vanity quartz stone countertops and surfaces.
  • Quartz colors offered by Colorquartz have creative, unique patterns and movement, including marble-looking quartz with over 60 colors at your fingertips to select for your quartz countertop and surface needs.
  • Quartz countertops by Colorquartz are naturally antibacterial, making it a hygienic selection for use for kitchen countertops, quartz vanity tops, and quartz bathroom projects.

Look No Further for Quartz Stone Countertops Near Me in Houston

International Flooring of Houston is committed to our environment, and safety, energy efficiency and waste management are daily priorities. The quartz stone countertop brands are passionate as well about safeguarding our environment. The Colorquartz stone countertop brand is triple accredited with the NSF, Kosher, American Greenguard, and SGS certifications for proficiency in environmental management and performance.

International Flooring is pleased to be able to provide this high quality quartz countertop surfacing material to our Houston area. Give us a call today and we will help you with your quartz countertop residential or commercial project in Houston.

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