Can Vinyl Flooring Be A Luxury?

At International Flooring, we offer a lot of options for our clients. One option that has gained popularity lately is Luxury Vinyl Tile. Now, we know that “luxury” and “vinyl” may sound like contradicting terms but so much has changed with this technology in the last 10 years.

LVT comes in a wide range of style and colors and its main benefits are its lower price and its durability. One thing to understand is that unlike old vinyl flooring that came in huge sheets that were unrolled across a room, LVT comes in square-shaped tiles that or in “planks” to look like stone or wood flooring. It is becoming an alternative to laminate flooring for many builders.

If your home has high traffic, kids, or pets, then LVT may be a perfect option for you. It has also become a popular choice for condominiums and mid-rises.

Schedule an appointment today and come look at all the options we have in LVT, as well as our many , many other options. This isn’t your father’s vinyl flooring.